About us


MAPSXM is geared to promote the island and its businesses world wide. It is also a place to find: news, flights departures and arrivals, movie show times, ratings, discussions, locations and contact information for any business on island.

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Why Mapsxm?

Mapsxm is FREE. It is an open service accessible to every businesses on St Maarten / St Martin. Consequently, mapsxm's visitors find more information, even businesses or places with no marketing budget!

Mapsxm offers an automated search engine optimization system (Your business gets to be found on Google!). The possibility to change your business information at any time with a password gives you full control, and gives mapsxm's visitors fresh information.

Mapsxm is still growing. We will soon come with improvements, and new features to promote SXM and its businesses!

Mapsxm is GEO-tagging every businesses. It is the biggest database of GPS locations of St Maarten / St Martin, potentially opening for other applications.

Every business proposes an open discussion and a rating system. Visitors or Business Owners could use it as an interactive blog.