Abu Ghazi Schwarma



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Specialist for Lamb, Chicken, Shrimp and Vegi Schwarma, Kabab Meals & Sticks and Sheesh Kabab, conveniently located next to the movie theater

(1-721) 000 0000
Street Address:
Paradise Mall

Opening times:
12.00pm - 12.00 am, weekends 12.00pm - 3am
Opening days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Comments & Discussions:

next time i visit st maarten


next time i visit st maarten i will make it a point to eat at abu ghazi every day for lunch. gyro's even in the states just dont compare to the happiness a shwarma at st maarten will bring to you. can't wait to come back to the island to enjoy a tasty piece of heaven. def not abu ghazi that made me think twice about the island maybe the blood and latin king tags everywhere but not the shwarma. it was awesome!

long live abu ghazi


long live abu ghazi

For 16 years I lived on


For 16 years I lived on St.Maarten as the island slowly crawled into my veins. I left 4 years ago and since return about once a year. Abu Ghazi is a must on my list. I saw them start up in Madame Estate and in a short time grow a real business with a terrific product at a very affordable price. Step by step they grew the business. Their Shwarma is one of the things that comes to my mind when I think about St.Maarten, together with some great people, Orient Beach, Carly and Danny, Dick and the great times I had. I do hope that AbuGahzi did not lower its quality standards since I left, because it was the best Shwarma this side of Lebanon.

Han Ramakers

abu ghazi shwarma is the


abu ghazi shwarma is the shit i wouldnt choose no other shwarma over it and I would NEVER EVER!!! BUY that nasty tasting 5678 open late shwarma i think they should of call it 5FAKE678 open late they does have all type of nasty shit in there n it smells like shit to they are trying to be like abughazi shwarma but there not they just dont get it that ABU GHAZI shwarma is the best shwarma on the island!!! no other shwarma could compare 5678 open late for the ppl who dnt kno the one located in cay hill should just close the f*** down and retire or some shit or go sell some other shit. p.s 5678 open late find another job sellin swarma's wasnt ment for awu




I can see a lot of bad


I can see a lot of bad review, but my experience differs. I took this place for what it was, a Swarma place and was satisfied with what I got. Nothing more nothing less. Wasn't sick or anything. It seems that the bad comments were all posted around the same time, probably the same person. I'm not defending Abu Ghazi, but just saying.

the abu ghazi shwarma is a


the abu ghazi shwarma is a bad thing the owner is a bad influrence and these guys are criminal they have not been cleaning the sauce drog for weeks and they serve you the same way i knew because i use to work undercover there as a health inspector stop eating the thing people it's poisonous where i was sick for 2 weeks on a hostipal bed because of shwarma Ghazi do better then that please

you just talking shit abu

you just talking shit abu ghazi shwarma is the best shwarma ever !!1 you just a hater that can afford to have a bussiness like tha

The best shwarma on the

The best shwarma on the island :)

No there is not search thing

No there is not search thing these people are giving you left over part i've seen them in action and believe me when i say it's nasty what i see them doing very nasty my 4 friends and i spot them and these guys are destroying the island please put a stop in to it

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