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(1-721) 542 1200
Street Address:
W.J.Nisbeth #95, Pondfill Rd. St.Maarten

Opening times:
8:30 a.m - 6:00 p.m. Sun 9:30 a.m - 1:30p.m
Opening days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


13000 Sq.Ft. Only complete mega showroom for Laptop Computer-Desktop Computers-Printers-Networking Products-Digital Cameras-Consumer Electronics-Wi-Fi Products-Surveillance Cameras-Large Memory Storage Devices-Antenna- and much much more....

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Gracias, compre productos,

Gracias, compre productos, muy buena atenciĆ³n, good peopel
Special sr. Roberto secciĆ³n name is Sergio.

I agree with all the 1 star


I agree with all the 1 star comments here. (can I give zero stars) I just got the phone runaround from completely unknowledgeable workers. At least i did not walk into the store as I got a pushy salesperson following me around the store as if I am a thief, so this time I just wasted phone time. Never again!!!!




customer service is not bad i have seen better but most important is the Quality of Electronic which is POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEEE VERY POOR!


bought laptops ( 3 to be


bought laptops ( 3 to be exact) and printer there they last a year (and may 6 months if you are lucky)....taught hmmmmm maybe its the laptops itself but after 3 laptops dont think its the laptop but the COMPANY ITSELF!!!!!! I know they are all refurbish ITEMS but dammm they are selling CRAP SO EXPENSIVE!!!!
WORST electronic place on the ISLAND!
my advise for you is:

The government of the island

The government of the island should make sure that electronics that are refurbished be sold as such or else they themselves are being defrauded. Those items in the US and on the internet are sold as what they are Refurbished.




Especially if you work hard for it.

not recommendable!

Yh Blue Point do sell

Yh Blue Point do sell laptops, printer, and desktop that do not last long "thats a fact".

Highly not recommendable.

if someone recommends BLUE POINT for the above mention it is definitely for the quality or durability it because everyone knows blue point and it probably closer to some ... i would advice take your time when buying your electronic..


OMG!!! SO True (they do sell

OMG!!! SO True (they do sell junk expensive) Always taught that never said anything taught it was only me!!!

Good prices, good choice,


Good prices, good choice, but warranty stops as soon as you push the exit door!
If anything goes wrong you lose your money (or part of it if you fight really hard)
For expensive items would definitly recommand buying French /side (Buzz, Gitem, Autodeal, Euronics)

Your comment about the

Your comment about the warranty is simply untrue. Have been shopping there for many years with no

Last year, I bought a terrific iPad Pro there. It was brand new ; they are authorized Apple
Resellers. They told me that, when I returned to Canada, the warranty would be limited as it wasn't purchased in North America.

Sure enough, I had 60 days to buy the full warranty directly from Apple when I got home.

No problem at all.

I have nothing to do with Blue Point, except as a customer but it sure seems to me that there are a bunch of whiners on this site


220 V 50/60 cycles UPS Does


220 V 50/60 cycles UPS

Does Blue Point sell 2000VA - 3000VA 220V 50/60 UPS?

Yes they do sell the UPS in

Yes they do sell the UPS in 220V. I am not aware if they sell the 2000VA - 3000VA.

You can check with them by emailing them at or calling them on +1-721-542-1200 or USA number +1-954-234-2413.

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I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this
website yourseof or did you hire someone tto do it for you?
Plz respond as I'm lookig to create my own blog and would like too know where u
got this from. kudos

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Does anyone know if blue


Does anyone know if blue point sells routers, wireless internet routers?

They sell routers, wireless

They sell routers, wireless internet routers and as a matter of fact everything in Networking products. It is a must to visit their store. Everything is pretty organized and the staff is really helpful.

You can also email them at or call them on their local number +1-721-542-1200 also call on +1-954-234-2413.

Happy shopping at Blue Point.



The website is complicated

The website is complicated to use. I keep trying to browse for a laptop but can't

Actually their website is

Actually their website is not functional, that is the reason you must be facing this problem.

I would recommend to email them at and I am pretty sure they will respond pretty quickly.

You can even call them on their local number which is +1-721-542-1200 or +1-954-234-2413.

I have the same

I have the same problems,...can't browse the website, good man!!!

Blue Point is a very


Blue Point is a very excellent place to shop for all your televisions, computers, laptops, cameras etc...i purchased my laptop, laptop bag, external hard drive at Blue Point for a good price. I would recommend anyone to buy their electronics there as their friendly staff also gives good service and you can leave there knowing that you got something good to last for years.

from: Darleen

There Customer support is


There Customer support is very good , they help me a lot in getting Plasma setup in my House , Thanks you people rocks!

Blue point is very good


Blue point is very good store for buying Routers, switches, & Printers consumbles

I work as an IT-manager and


I work as an IT-manager and I buy products at the shop on a regular basis. I am happy with their service and quality. Except when you want to buy large quantities, then it is getting a problem. Somehow Blue Point has a problem with that. Also their website should be setup correctly, because currently it is useless. I know they use POS and that could be easily connected to their website so prices are correct and you can actually see how many they have in stock.I do hope they hire somebody that is experienced to set this up for them.
For the rest; thumbs up!

Really Good Store, they have


Really Good Store, they have lots of items in the store, There is just a feeling of satisfaction.

excellent store great staff


excellent store great staff and very good prices but you need to have your own
website so we can buy on line too.

a costumer

blue point has a website a


blue point has a website a very large one, i was told it will be launched very soon.
best store, best service and most knowledgeable staff, they are better than the ones anyone knows who are microsoft or whatever certified.
blue point guys keep up the good work, me and our whole team is with you.
congratulations on opening of your new store in colebay.

The new store in Simpson Bay


The new store in Simpson Bay has opened last week!
It is located opposite of Tropicana Casino.
This saves you a trip 'over the hill'.

Bluepoint is not a


Bluepoint is not a consulting company nor a professional network agency. They are selling electronics, and do it well, in a big scale: not so easy to find in the middle of the Caribbean.
You can compare Bluepoint to a "Mediamarkt" in Eurore, or a "Future Shop" in the States / Canada. Even in these big countries I gather information online before I go to one of those shop. Very rarely, in the States or in Europe the staff gives me satisfying answers to really help me. For sure, a good Website would help checking what they have. But in the end, I'm so happy to find on island computer parts, cheap printers, screens, and actually a lot more electronic toys, that I find their service awesome.
The choice is so big compared to the other shops on island. If I need something, or would like to check new devices I go to BluePoint. They're even ordering things online very fast for me, whenever I need something they don't have. So thumbs up!

Media markt??? you crazy

Media markt???
you crazy

Yes, do you know something

Yes, do you know something closer to Mediamarkt on St Maarten?

Their people are really


Their people are really unknowledgeable so least to say. They don't even know how does a network work and NO ONE EVER HAVE ANY CERTIFICATION FROM MICROSOFT OR COMPTIA. Not even their so called 'technicians' No one is certified to do their work. Their website is SOOO POOR! Doesn't even have a functional site. Eyesore promotion for St Maarten's online business community! So disgraced!

Bluepoint is not a

Bluepoint is not a consulting company nor a professional network agency. They are selling electronics, and do it well, in a big scale: not so easy to find in the middle of the Caribbean.
If you need consultancy on your network, there are other companies who do that only as network consultants, Bluepoint is only a store that sells the equipment.
You are probably one of those guys who wants free advice all the time, i agree their website is not very well done, hey but show me something better in st.maarten, st.maarten is not ready for e-commerce as yet, when the infrastucture is there you will see bluepoint will do it the best, It's my favourite store, never had anything better, there never will be.

Blue Point will soon open a

Blue Point will soon open a new store in Cole Bay opposite Tropicana Casino. Good news for this side of the hill.

Very friendly and

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and an ever growing supply at very reasonable prices.

yes, an i even found a high

yes, an i even found a high end graphics card today which had burned out this morning. very happy!

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