La Bamba



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La Bamba is a true Caribbean Beach Bar, right at the heart of Simpson Bay. Sundays Live Rock 'n Roll and Tuesdays Live Latin Music. Dance the night away! Happy hour from 5-7pm.

(1-721) 520 4582
Street Address:
Welfare Road

Opening times:
4.00pm - 11.00pm or later
Opening days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Kitchen Open from 5pm till 10pm
The menu:
Hamburger US $ 7.50
Cheeseburger US $ 8.50
Chicken Breast Sandwich US $ 8.50
Italian Sausage US $ 8.50
Pork Loin Ribs w/ Fries US $ 9.50
Jumbo Hot Dog w/Fries US 7.50
Fish Sandwich (Tilapia) US $ 8.50
Ask for Daily Specials.

Comments & Discussions:

Are you on Facebook? I am


Are you on Facebook? I am looking for it but i canot found you....

La Bamba Beach Bar has


La Bamba Beach Bar has Thuesdays the best Latin Party. Many good dancers are there enjoying Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha and Latin Hip Hop.

Perfect Island beach bar/


Perfect Island beach bar/ dance spot! Exactly where you want to be on vacation! The ONLY complaint... & this is a BIG COMPLAINT... is they should have more nights with live music! Twice a week is NOT ENOUGH! We are heading to St Maarten this week & are scheduling our evenings around La Bamba!

The website address for La

The website address for La Bamba has been moved to:
The best and most social bar on the island. Food is great, always having some event!

Just got back of St Martin,


Just got back of St Martin, seemed like every night we helped close down LaBamba. The Rock & Roll night played some great music, and the Salsa dance night would have made "Dancing with the Star" look like the gong show.
Its the hot spot on SXM !!!

Love LaBamba! Enjoy dancing

Love LaBamba! Enjoy dancing Sunday night away under the stars with warm Caribbean breezes blowing !!

The bar is nice, the


The bar is nice, the bartenders nicer, and the guard dog is a big ole teddy bear.

This place was a nightly stop for good reason.

Feet in the sand, view on


Feet in the sand, view on the sea, great bar, and tables on the beach. That's why we come to the Caribbean right? I went there yesterday (Sunday's Live Rock 'n Roll) Awesome! It was like a concert on a beach, and somebody in the audience went on the scene and started to sing with the band. He happened to be very good as well! Great ambiance, and relaxing / easy-going place! I recommend it!

We went last night to La


We went last night to La Bamba for the Live Rock 'n Roll and it was real fun. The band let people from the audience sing some Beatles songs and the atmosphere was happy and relaxed.
You can stick your feet in the sun, drink a couple of cocktails like Alabama Slammer, Blue Hawaiian, Kentucky Colonel or simply a Corona Beer and eat some succulent ribs.
This bar is swinging and soon will open during day and offer beach chairs...
La Bamba is a true Caribbean Beach Bar, like you used to find them on St. Maarten ten years ago. Two thumbs up!

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