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Internet Service,Telephone&Fax,Mail & Photocopies

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Airport Blvd 30-A

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8,00am - 8,00pm
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They screw over AUC


They screw over AUC students.

Use Four Star Directly. This


Use Four Star Directly. This company is a joke

used this service for 2


used this service for 2 months and it worked Well , collected like 3 -4 packages. There were times I didn't even pay a fee to pick up because you get 2 lbs free every Month. Great Service!!!!!

I paid $60 dollars for four


I paid $60 dollars for four packages all under a pound after already paying 115 for the year long membership. The weight from amazon/UPS ect was clearly labeled on the packages and they rounded some up to six pounds! Perhaps they're reliable for small letters but DO NOT ship your packages through them. Either use 4 star cargo or ship directly to the school (faster and it will end up being cheaper if you just pay the one time international shipping fee). They're greedy and it's a blatant scheme. Hopefully AUC gives their students a more honest option.



Seriously, the worst company


Seriously, the worst company on the island

If I could give them zero


If I could give them zero stars I would.

Fuck them lets our own


Fuck them lets our own sorting and billing company. just use four star cargo and tell AUC students about an alternative and almost all of us will switch.

Come to EBS ! Our services

Come to EBS !
Our services are quality. we get shipment x4 weekly. Twice by air and twice by ocean.
Located on the bush road between kwik bargains and beds and beyond and we have a second location in the orange grove shopping center, Unit 1, cole bay.

Try us !

you should have included a

you should have included a contact number.

Today I received 3 packages


Today I received 3 packages weighing about 4 lbs total and was billed $160. When asked the guy had no idea why. I want to sue as well 'guy with a projector'. I wish their was a way to hold them accountable other than to warn others. Maybe the school should create its own package delivery services. I mean "the Mailbox" are just middle men they outsource the shipping by first cargo shipping and the rates are super low. All they do is sorting and billing. It seems they can't even do that right. If you meet a Richard Perez (owner) tell him how you hate the mailbox.

They add extra weight to all


They add extra weight to all packages they deliver, despite the weight clearly posted on the amazon boxes. Very rude as well.

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So i wanted to know a little


So i wanted to know a little bit more about 4 star cargo and i had a chat with them and they said the mailbox uses their services to deliver packages. When on their site they charge only 1.91 per pound. compare that to the 4 dollars the mailbox charges (after you already paid like a 100 something for a year). God i hate middle men like this, i hope they get sued and lose their practice

I honestly don't know how


I honestly don't know how they weigh their packages cause sometimes it can be light as a feather and they'll still charge you for 5-10 lbs easy. They really run a super shady business that does not care about their customers. If you go to the mailbox in simpson bay, expect to deal with a rude blonde woman.

Ordered a $900 projector and


Ordered a $900 projector and the package came to me broken. They charged me for 35 lbs amazon shipping say package ways 20 lbs! If I had the time/money I would sue them for incompetence and fraud. I bet the owner Richard cooks the books.

You cannot sue small claims

You cannot sue small claims in st Maarten. This helps curbs to low level services at times.

Oh you bought a projector

Oh you bought a projector too? picked mine up today and they put 22 lbs on mine when amazon said it weighed in at 10 lbs shipping. Mine came in with a broken lamp so i had to order a new one (thank god amazon gave it to me for free). I swear these people don't care about their customers at all!

You think the mailbox sucks


You think the mailbox sucks at getting your packages? It must say something, if even the owner can't even get his own packages, LMAO! I heard one of the students got his by mistake twice! That's pretty incompetent staff if they can't even read properly.

I'm an AUC student and


I'm an AUC student and received my first shipment of the term this week also and I can tell I will be cancelling my account with The Mailbox. I have not been impressed with their service. They are working in the stone age; there is no electronic way to track receipt and shipment status of packages and I find the staff very rude and very "matter of fact". Also they had many many many extra pounds to packages shipped.
Use Four Star instead or take a change using the regular island mail. You might get your packages sooner than The Mailbox.

I meant to give them 1 Star

I meant to give them 1 Star not 5 !

Just picked up my first


Just picked up my first package. According to Mailbox it weighs 6 lbs. According to Postage on package it weighs 4 lbs. Dimensions are 12 x 10 x 7. I was charged for 4 extra pounds when it should have been 2 lbs. Not happy.

They use a fixed scale that


They use a fixed scale that will add weight to your packages despite the Amazon box explicitly displaying the actual weight. Additionally they make constant errors where I have received other people's packages as well as never receiving my own. Also they are inconsistent on when they head up to AUC. I have made multiple complaints to solutions, and will petition the school to choose a better carrier option. If there is no better carrier options then that just means there is demand on this island for a better shipping company. (An easy opportunity to undercut an already infamously terrible provider)

The employees/owner of this


The employees/owner of this business are the rudest people ever!!!!

please read other ratings. I


please read other ratings. I have experienced the same issues as well as phantom expenses seemingly added out of nowhere, I do not understand why they are recommended to students at AUC. Do not waste money on getting a "mail box."

Please explain further.

Please explain further.

Terrible business. Please do


Terrible business. Please do yourself a favor and do not do business with them. Basically what they do is rip people off. If you're a student, please save your money and go to 4-star cargo instead.

Had bad experience with


Had bad experience with them. They overcharge as well

They are inconsistent with


They are inconsistent with delivery of packages to the school. Some days they just don't show up, and that means I have to drive to town to get my package, which defeats the purpose of getting The Mailbox in the first place. They also lost my package and my friend's birthday letter from her mom. People there are also extremely rude. They're not a good representation of the "Friendly Island" that St. Maarten claims to be.

To the owner of the


To the owner of the Mailbox,get yourself a counterfeit pen to see if your $ bills new or old r real ,if a person pay u with an old bill and that's the only bill they have u don't except it,that is not right,the banks and other places take it u have a big business u should know better and what consequences u can get into

Needed a box of special


Needed a box of special order shirts from the US to be shipped to St Martin. These were for my club at school and totaled $380.00

I went to pickup the package at my school (they deliver there once a week) at which time they gave me one of my two packages and charged me for both, then told me to go to their main office to go get it.

I went to that location 2 days later and then they said they had no record of this!!!

They lost my package of shirts, it was a $380 loss for me. Then i found out that mailbox is just the middleman, they themselves go through a different company "Four Star Cargo". They rent space with four star cargo - put a markup on the packages and then make a profit by basically DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I called up four star cargo and they found my package instantly. 10 minutes later i was driving back to my apartment with my club shirts :) Thank god for four star cargo. I can't believe anyone would waste their time with "the mailbox"

Do yourself a favor please DON'T give them your business. They are just ripping you off by being the middle man!!! Just go through four star cargo directly.

So it sounds like you did

So it sounds like you did not loose 380 or your package if Safe cargo found it, which one is it?

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