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Our rates are competitive. We buy in bulk whenever possible, and we shop around for the best prices. We pass the savings on to you in the end.

+1721-5484387, 5866387
Street Address:
St John Estate rd unit 1.3, St. John.

Opening times:
8:00 am - 12:30 pm, 02:00 pm - 05:00pm
Opening days:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


HP Authorized Service Center Saint Martin.

Comments & Discussions:

Andrew did a great job


Andrew did a great job fixing my laptop quickly so I could complete processing payroll while on vacation in St. Martin. Very prompt and friendly service. Highly recommended.

Emergency Sunday call out no


Emergency Sunday call out no problem! Fast, Friendly service - will use again and recommended.
Engineer 37m Sail Yacht

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Andrew delivers excellent


Andrew delivers excellent customer service. My laptop crashed the day before I was due to leave St Maarten and Andrew stayed open late to make sure he could take a look at the machine before I left. When he couldn't fix it on the spot, he lent me a laptop so that I wouldn't be without during my trip.

Thank you Andrew!


Uitstekende service waar je


Uitstekende service waar je waar voor je geld krijgt! Geen loze beloftes zoals andere zaakjes op het eiland maar een vakkundig iemand (Andrew) die je helpt de beste keuze te maken. Ik heb voor 220 dollar mijn kapotte laptop weer een tweede leven kunnen geven (harddisk was gecrashed); alle data heeft Andrew kunnen overzettten en hij loopt weer als een trein! Als je PC/laptop kapot is zou ik naar hem gaan.

My computer crashed and I


My computer crashed and I was so afraid of having lost all my files. Well, Andrew not only saved my files, he updated me by phone about my pc while repairing, so no time was wasted. He gave good advice and I could go back to work very soon thanks to him.
Good service,very professional. Kind and gentle approach and above all very efficient for an honest price.
I truly recommend The Wizards, especially Andrew.

Renee Urgert

It is rare to find a service


It is rare to find a service company that is seriously committed to service. Andrew and The Wizards are exactly that. The service is fantastic; prompt, informed and most important they get the job done. I am so relieved to find a company like this and a computer wizard like Andrew. The company is aptly named. I most heartily recommend them.

Oyster Pond Estates

The folks at The Wizards are


The folks at The Wizards are top notch. On vacation but you know how that is. You got to bring your laptop because you have to stay on top of the things that matter. Well my laptop went down hard. I took it to The Wizards on a Friday and got it back Saturday morning. The price was right and service was even better. It's good to know when I'm on the island I now have a place to go to when in a bind.

robert j. usa

Andrew did a fabulous job


Andrew did a fabulous job for me. When I was on the island my laptop gave up the ghost.
Andrew was able to save all the data on the machine at a days notice before I had to leave so that I was subsequently able to easily load the pertinent stuff onto the new machine I eventually purchased in England, on my travels, before I eventually returned home to Panama. Saved the trip as well as the data and delivered everything back to me at the hotel.
Gordon Inglis
Republic of Panama

Andrew did a great job for


Andrew did a great job for me. My Laptop hardrive died. I brought it to him and he had it back to me in perfect working order the next day, he even delivered it to me! I would give him 5 stars


Certified Solar Installers


Certified Solar Installers 2012.

The Wizards are now Certified Distributors and Installers on all MPP-Solar products.

Our products are compatible on single phase,double phase and 3phase current configuration which can deliver up to 11KW for residential and offices.

The Caribbean is the most effective place for renewable energy, an investment worth with a quick payback time.

Give us a call for a quote or more information.

Lets see some photos of

Lets see some photos of there jobs

There are none that we can

There are none that we can look at for now, Andrew is a good kid. He is learning
how to do repairs on trucks too.

What a useless comment!

What a useless comment!

No one could fix my laptop I


No one could fix my laptop I took it to the wizards and they figured the problem, its running for a good 6 months now and no issue. Definitely a 5 star and highly recommended.

Andrew did a good job at


Andrew did a good job at replacing my broken keyboard. It now works fine. The only thing was though that the keyboard part took a long time to get to SXM due to it having to be shipped from the USA. But other than that, this guy knows what he's doing.

Andrew is the best computer


Andrew is the best computer mechanic on the island of St.Martin check him out a person with lots of patience

Andrew is a knowledgeable


Andrew is a knowledgeable and stand up guy. He has successfully repaired computer hardware and wireless network issues for me, always on time and at reasonable price. Genuinely nice guy.

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